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Aropha Raises $1M to Continue Transforming Biodegradability Testing

With over 145,000 tons of microplastics used in the EU every year, the need for biodegradable and compostable products has never been greater. Aropha strives to provide accessible biodegradability testing to a wide range of companies to make these types of products more common, reducing the amount of persistent chemicals and waste accumulation in the world. 

Recently, Aropha raised $1 million in a Series Seed funding round to continue its efforts in revolutionizing biodegradable material testing with AI and lab automation. This fundraising round was led by Comeback Capital with participation from Lightbank and Right Side Capital Management (RSCM).  

“The timing of innovation in the industry is excellent for two reasons. First, there is a need to develop more sustainable, green materials. Mass-producing existing materials that have inefficient production and harmful ecological effects is no longer acceptable. Second, there has been a shift occurring with the way companies design, screen, and validate new materials. With the incorporation of predictive modeling for several properties, companies have been able to speed up development timelines. We are sitting directly at the intersection of these factors and well-positioned to provide a solution with our team’s expertise.” 

Travis Johnston, CRO and COO, Aropha Inc. & Kuan Huang, Co-Founder, CEO, and CTO, Aropha Inc. 

Next Steps for Aropha

Using these funds, Aropha is planning to continue enhancing its abilities.

“It will enhance our ability to act as a specialty lab for biodegradation that provides rapid, cost-effective physical testing, as well as enable us to develop the first commercially-viable biodegradation prediction model that can be widely used across multiple industries and applications,” says Aropha Co-founder, CEO, and CTO, Kuan Huang. 

The team at Aropha plans to expand their current testing facility and invest heavily in ArophaAI, their predictive model development. 

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